Spanish Trail

Las Vegas luxury homes and the communities that surround them have been setting the standard for decades when it comes to legitimate comfort and style of million dollar mansions.

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Las Vegas has some of the most stunning luxury real estate in the country, some of these Las Vegas mansions are for sale with price tags worth every dollar to owners and investors who pride the seclusion and exclusiveness offered by the communities they belong to . One of these communities set the standard for comfort 30 years ago.

Opening in 1984 Spanish Trail’s grand 640 acre area brilliantly placed on the south west side of gorgeous Las Vegas, luxury million dollar homes in the definition of opulence . Privacy is more than taken serious, Residents come home through guarded gates on the North side off of Tropicana ave , security running a tight ship around the clock ensures the comfort level of their residents will never be compromised.

As well as the exclusivity in their community homeowners of this beautiful one of a kind community also enjoy a decadent 50,000 square foot club house with casual dining , fine dining, wine cellar, banquet rooms and locker rooms for the ladies and gentlemen enjoying the 12 tennis courts, swim pavilion ,steam room, dry sauna, pro shop and a 3 nine hole tree lined 249 acre golf course.

Spanish Trail Entry

You will need a professional agent that knows the ways of luxury purchasing, possibly aiding in selling your other properties may they be houses , commercial building or land that you had invested in previously and then using the profits from these sales secure your down payment for the Las Vegas luxury real estate you are yourself ready to own and enjoy.

When considering Million dollar homes in Las Vegas get a specialist , Call King Realty Group to get an agent that is an expert in high end homes and the process of purchasing and selling these Las Vegas mansions, our telephone number is 702-878-5464.

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Exclusive Canyon Gate of Las Vegas

Canyon Gate is an exclusive community located in west Las Vegas. The community is guard gated, boasts its own Country Club and yet is still central enough to be close to surrounding businesses and is about 15 minutes from the Las Vegas strip.
The amenities enjoyed by residents of Canyon Gate include:

• Full 18 hole professional golf course including numerous golf related events.
• Professional tennis courts including programming for players of all levels.
• Enjoy fine dining at the Country Club in quiet ambience expertly orchestrated by the executive chef.
• The Country Club offers swimming pools and spas for all ages and needs.
• State of the art fitness facilities are located on the premises for all ages and fitness levels.
• And as stated, secure controlled access to the community.

If you’re looking for home in an exclusive, private community –consider Canyon Gate. For more information on homes that are available for sale or if you are considering selling your home in Canyon Gate, feel free to reach out to us.

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Buying the Right Luxury Home in Las Vegas

So you’re in the market for a luxury home in Las Vegas and you’ve narrowed down your prospective properties. They’re all in great communities that meet your needs but now you need to figure out which one you’re going to call “home”.

First thing you need to look at is your criteria and what you’re looking for in a home –i.e. the features that interest you. Even though you have the capacity to purchase a luxury home, this doesn’t mean you should pay for features that you’ll never use or won’t appreciate.

If you’re an attorney who eats out a lot, having a gourmet kitchen would be a waste of money and space. If you’re a one car person and a prospective home has a 3 or 4 car garage, is it worth the extra expense to have space you may not use? Conversely if you workout and swim and a property has either an indoor or outdoor pool and/or a home gym, the expense might be worth it. If you entertain a lot and the prospective home has a full in-home movie theater and/or media center –the expense might be worth it.

The features a home has (or doesn’t have) can make or break whether you want to put an offer on said property. The best thing to do is make a list of the features a home must have in order for you to even consider it, then a secondary list that includes items that whether or not the house has them, you’d still consider the property.

The biggest failing people have when in the market for a home is not sharing these criteria with their real estate agents. The agent picks homes out of the MLS and takes their prospective clients on a whirlwind tour of them but if only a few or none of them have what they are looking for, the Realtor is wasting their time and that of their client’s.

Share your list of “must haves” and secondary desires with your Realtor and let them know what features are a deal breaker versus what you can live with or without. This will save everyone a lot of time and expense and will get you the house you want to call home.

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Making an Offer on a Luxury Home in Las Vegas

So you’ve found a luxury home in an exclusive community in Las Vegas. Now what? Well, you obviously need to talk with your Realtor about the type of offer to put in on the property. They will have been able to pull comparables for that community in Las Vegas’ luxury market. They will advise you how much to offer and how to submit the offer to get it in front of the seller.

Here are some tips to help get your offer higher on seller’s stack:

• Do some research on the seller and their situation. If they are going thru a “rough time” in their life, that could work to your advantage. This doesn’t mean “low balling”- which might insult them, mind you. You want to be reasonable but still get the best price on the home you’re interested in. It’s all in how you negotiate.

• Along with that, work WITH the seller. The old axiom of “you attract more flies with honey” can go both ways. If you are overly demanding or unwilling to meet some of the seller’s needs, they will be less inclined to work with you.

• Be empathetic. You don’t need to get involved in the seller’s life but take the time to get to know them. You don’t need to be “friends” but if you show some humanity in a business transaction, that could go a long way to getting your offer accepted.

• As stated above: be reasonable. Yes, “it is business, not personal” but being overly demanding or unrealistic with your offer may have the opposite affect you want.

• Sellers are inclined to work with buyers who are not only reasonable people but who are willing to work with them. Be willing to make some concessions if you really want the property.

The big bottom line is if you really want the home in question; CONSULT YOUR REALTOR. Ask your questions and then listen to their counsel and heed their advice. As any good business person knows, LISTENING is far more important in negotiations than most anything else. You will learn a lot about the other party and their wants/needs/demands and you may even learn something about yourself.

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Why Buy a Luxury Home in Las Vegas?

Why buy a luxury home here in southern Nevada? Las Vegas is a highly travelled destination spot for people not only in the United States but all over the world. Many come here to play, party and relax –so why live here? For those who have done well and can afford luxury living, Las Vegas is the perfect place.

With so many high end and luxury communities around Las Vegas and Henderson and many with excellent amenities –it’s easy to see why many take up residence here. A large part of why many higher end home buyers come here is the exclusivity of living in certain areas. Many luxury communities offer 24/7 guard gated security, golf courses and club house amenities. Private roads, well manicured landscaping and restrictive HOA rules keep things safe and secure.

The spectacular views of Las Vegas itself, the desert or mountain views –especially at night, can be breathtaking. As stated, there are those who choose Vegas to live simply for the peace and quiet exclusivity affords. Some would rather have a “party pad” here and buy a luxury, high condo for just that purpose. Luxury living isn’t cheap but for those who can afford it, the price of admission is worth it.

If you are in the market for a luxury property, whether a high rise condo or mansion, you will need a real estate team that knows the Las Vegas luxury market inside and out. Contact us today to have an informative and intelligent conversation about the market and how we can help you.

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Buying a Luxury Home in Las Vegas

When considering buying a luxury home or condo in Las Vegas, there are many things that weigh in on the criteria: what area of Vegas do you want to be in, what type of community, what amenities are important to you, do you prefer gated/guard gated or none of the above, how about a particular view? –the list is endless.

Many luxury communities in Las Vegas offer one or more of the above amenities and many that are not stated. If you are new to Vegas, sifting thru all of the different areas can be a challenge. If you’ve lived here for some time, you may “know” Vegas but finding the right area and place to call home can be equally as challenging when you trying to meet your home buying criteria.

The first thing you need to do is develop a list of criteria for your amenities –what’s important to you and your family. Then next step is to hire a real estate professional that knows the Las Vegas luxury market and has the experience helping other homebuyers find their “perfect” home.

You also need a real estate professional that is experienced in selling homes in the luxury market. Why? A Realtor who has sold high end homes has built a relationship in the luxury communities –i.e. they have a presence. They know that area, what it offers, what, if any, restrictions there may be and if that area would be a good choice for his/her client.

The bottom line is you need a well rounded Las Vegas real estate professional who knows our market, the trends and will help you “shop” the different communities to find your dream home.
Buying a luxury home in Las Vegas doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting. With the right real estate agent the experience can be pleasant, educational and informative.

Click here to contact us and let King Realty Group help you meet your luxury home or condo needs!

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Welcome to Million Dollar Homes of Las Vegas

Welcome to our new blog! We created this blog to provide you with weekly market updates which include current supply of total available luxury homes in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. We will also keep you updated with real estate news and any changes to the housing market.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you and welcome.

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